It’s only the end of the month and we have a bunch of event updates!

Here’s a summary in case you missed anything…



Kaya hits LA and SF with two events!



TeddyLoid heats up Anime Milwaukee’s NOCTURNAL UNDERGROUND.

We’re also having a Backstage VIP Meet & Greet giveaway for one lucky winner!


Sakura-Con 2018 – Mana + Moi-même-Moitié

Mana-sama graces the west coast with his presence again, this time with his fashion line’s first-ever event in the western hemisphere.


Tekko 2018 – Wonderland Indeed!

Joining LM.C on our guest lineup for Tekko is BABY, the Stars Shine Bright!

The weekend will be chock-full of magical events for all!


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Which event are you most excited for??



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